Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Stops His Australian Open Match To Help A Ball Girl

Both the crowd and social media hailed No. 9-seeded Frenchman “a gentleman” for helping a ball girl who was apparently hit in the face during the match.

French tennis star Jo-Wilfried Tsonga not only defeated Australia’s Omar Jasika in straight sets during the second round of the Australian Open, he also won over the crowd when he interrupted the match to help a ball girl in distress.

The ninth-seeded Frenchman noticed the ball girl during the third set of his match Wednesday, when he went to retrieve a ball on the court. The girl had apparently been hit in the face with one of the shots earlier, so, being a Good Samaritan, Tsonga, walked to check on her and waved over to the chair umpire to let him know what was wrong.

Then, taking the remaining balls from her hand, the tennis star supported the ball girl by looping her arm through his and escorted her off the court — proving that even being an international tennis star, has not made him lose his humility

“I saw she was in trouble,” Tsonga later said. “It was normal to help her out of the stadium. I hope she's OK.”

Unsurprisingly, the athlete’s kind gesture was praised on social media.

“I didn't know it was going to be something like this,” Tsonga said of the public reaction. “It's just normal. She was really in trouble and the eyes were a bit [teary].”

The tournament organizers later stated the girl was fine and that she was just feeling a little under the weather. Since the replays never showed the injury, it is yet unclear if it was Tsonga or his opponent’s shot that struck the ball girl.

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