Kaepernick Supporters Flood NFL Headquarters Demanding Justice

Even fans of other teams were in attendance, hoping that the NFL will do the right thing, especially as the league is accused of violating the player's rights.

After losing his position with the San Francisco 49ers for protesting social injustice during "The Star Spangled Banner," Colin Kaepernick became a symbol of resistance.

Today, hundreds of his supporters showed up at the New York City headquarters of the National Football League (NFL) demanding that he's restored within the organization.

Groups such as the NAACP are pushing the NFL to hold an open discussion regarding Kaepernick's future, especially in light of claims that his First Amendment rights were violated when the league decided to shun him for his political stance.

On social media, images and footage of his supporters rallying on his behalf were shared widely.

Even Dallas Cowboys fans stood up for Kaepernick.

And grannies.

Some people even used the opportunity to shine a light on the most important story of the President Donald Trump era.

But perhaps what most people were there for was to thank Kaepernick for his bold stance.

While it's truly an injustice that the beloved player is being kept in the dark because he decided to take a stand publicly, pressure mounting thanks to his supporters may help to not only get him back where he belongs but to also bring attention to the causes he supports.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Jake Roth

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