LA Galaxy Players Nail Vulnerable Pigeon With Football During Warm-Up

Ashley Cole was among the players prepping for the game at Yankee Stadium when the unlucky bird landed smack in the middle of their practice.

LA Galaxy players who decided to play around a helpless pigeon instead of chasing it off may have killed the bird by hitting it with their soccer ball during warm-up.

The players continued to kick the ball around as the bird strutted about the field. However, all of a sudden, the ball hit the pigeon  possibly killing it then and there.

The video above shows player Ashley Cole putting his hands on his head as someone filming the incident from the crowd shouted, ‘“They killed him. You animals!”

Some of the spectators even started booing the players.  

The bird appears completely lifeless but according to eyewitnesses, LA Galaxy player Jelle Van Damme took the bird off the pitch to receive treatment.

The fate of the unlucky bird is not known.



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