Lionel Messi Surprises Reporter Who Gave Him A Good Luck Charm

Soccer star Lionel Messi completely shocked reporter Rama Pantorotto when he showed him that the amulet he had gifted him was still around his left ankle.

After the Argentina national men’s soccer team clinched a win over Nigeria to secure a spot in the knock-out round of the World Cup on Tuesday, star player Lionel Messi brought joy to a reporter and fan.

According to Mashable, the journalist, Rama Pantorotto, had previously given Messi an amulet for good luck that once belonged to either his mother or his wife (depending on the translation) on the day of Argentina’s first match of the tournament against Iceland.

Following Tuesday’s victory, Pantorotto asked Messi if he still had the amulet. 

Indeed, he did.

Messi completely shocked Pantorotto when he showed him that the amulet was still around his left ankle. This gift may just be the lucky charm that is helping Argentina get through the World Cup.

However, the true testament will be if the team is able to snag a win over France in its match this weekend.

In the mean time, Pantorotto can relish in the sheer possibility that his family heirloom is bringing luck to one of the world's biggest soccer stars.

The fact that Messi thought enough of the gift to keep it and wear it as he played in his latest matches shows he clearly has a deep appreciation for his fans and their support of him, which is an admirable trait for a professional athlete. 

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