Michael Floyd Was Basically Rewarded For Passing Out Behind The Wheel

When Floyd woke up, he didn’t appear to know exactly where he was or how much he had had to drink.

Yet another NFL player had a brush with the law recently when wide receiver Michael Floyd was found unconscious behind the wheel on an intersection in Scottsdale, Arizona.

At the time, Floyd was on the Arizona Cardinals' roster.

Body cam footage of the incident shows cops rapping on the window with a flashlight. After they receive no response, an officer bangs his fist to wake him up.

Floyd was found with his foot on the brake while the car engine was still running.

As the football player opened his eyes and tried to speak, his speech was impaired and he couldn’t get out of his vehicle properly. In the video, he appears to be confused as to where he is and why the man standing in front of him was talking to him.

And as if all of this wasn’t enough to frustrate the officers, Floyd remained uncooperative with the police by refusing a breathalyzer test or agreeing to provide a blood sample. Consequently, the officers were forced to obtain a warrant to draw his blood.

Floyd was charged with two counts of DUI, one count of obstructing a roadway and one count of failure to obey a police officer, according to NBC Sports.

The Cardinals immediately released the wide receiver following news of his arrest.

But Floyd probably isn't worried.


It's game day! @azcardinals #NEvsAZ #Snf

A photo posted by Michael Floyd (@mikefloyd) on


Only a day after the Cardinals cut Floyd, he was signed by the New England Patriots. He will probably not be active for the face-off with the Denver Broncos on Dec. 25 and might face “multi-game suspension” in 2017, but the fact that he was immediately taken in by the Patriots says a lot about how not-at-all-bothered the NFL and team owners are toward disciplining unruly players. And that’s hardly surprising considering the NFL’s previous record of punishing its players who had run in with the law for more serious offenses, such as alleged domestic violence. (Remember Ray Rice and Johnny Manziel?)

In fact, Floyd was essentially rewarded for getting DUI charges, according to a tweet by Ben Violin, sports and the Patriots writer at the Boston Globe.


And for someone like Floyd, who appears “unapologetic” over his behavior and reportedly had three alcohol-related brushes with the law at his college (Notre Dame), as well as a DUI during his final season, getting signed by the Patriots and missing a few seasons hardly seems to be fitting punishment.

But does the NFL really care?

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