Muay Thai Fighter Puts Opponent To Sleep With Thunderous Roundhouse Kick

Pay close attention to how the other fighter drops to the canvas.

Any single strike knockout is awesome, but this one is on another level.

In the bout below, Muay Thai fighter Jonathan Tuhu can be seen knocking his opponent out with a roundhouse kick straight out of a Hollywood movie or a video game.

Tuhu – who is from Papua New Guinea – executes the move with his weaker left leg and connects with such ferocity that his opponent goes to sleep even before hitting the canvas. The fallen combatant's reaction is almost cartoony.

Perhaps, the only thing missing is that Mortal Kombat sound: Finish Him!

The complicated kick is actually the signature finishing move of Aussie kickboxer Peter Graham. But you have to admit, the Muay Thai fighter in the video above is pretty good at it too.

Here is Graham's original, which he used to pull off regularly back in the day:

Banner and thumbnail credit: Pixabay, skeeze

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