Muggles Can Now Play Quidditch In The Air - Here’s How

Do you ever want to play Quidditch but then realize you have no magical powers? Mere Muggles found a way around that pesky detail

For a long time now, Muggles have been bewitched by the magical, self-contained and unfortunately fictional world of Harry Potter. Our Pinterest boards are littered with recipes for Butter Beer and all of us know our Hogwarts house by now.

But all of these petty tricks are bereft of magic, of the superhuman element. Except this one.

A bunch of skydivers got to play Quidditch. Like actual Quidditch, up in the air, and not frantic running around with broomsticks.

Two teams, in house colors, on broomsticks, suspended in thin air.

thin air

thin air

Two people help up a hoop for a particularly agile wizard to score.

Nice try, Muggles.

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