NASCAR Driver Miraculously Awake And Alert After Fiery 3-Car Crash

Aric Almirola had to be airlifted and rushed to a local hospital due to a compression fracture sustained during the horrific crash.


A fiery crash that occurred during NASCAR’s Go Bowling 400 race in Kansas left driver Aric Almirola with a fractured vertebra.

During a lap, something went wrong in racer Joey Logano’s car, causing his No. 22 Ford to ram into Danica Patrick's No. 10 Ford. The two cars then scraped against the outside wall after which Logano was smashed again by Almirola, who apparently was unable to avoid the crash and went into the wreck ahead of him.

Following the crash, Almirola put down his windows and signaled he was OK but his windshield had to be pulled off after which he was airlifted and rushed to a nearby hospital due to injuries.

Almirola suffered a compression fracture to his T5 vertebra in Saturday night’s three-car wreck at Kansas Speedway. The driver is mobile, though, and has been released from a Kansas-area hospital.

The other two drivers managed to walk away safely from the tracks but their cars were towed away.

"Something broke on the car, I don't know what it was. I noticed it going in (to the turn) and tried to back off but you're going 215 (mph). I just hope everyone is OK ... The right-front popped and I took a hard left. I hope Aric is all right. That's the last thing you want to see is a big hit like that for anyone,” said Logano.

“Unfortunately, there were two of us that got collected and while I am OK, one of these times one of these really big accidents, someone is not going to be OK. Aric is not OK and his car looked the best of everybody. You never know when it is going to be the wrong hit,” added Patrick.

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