NBA Player Celebrates Missed Shot With A Shimmy, Becomes A Meme

The Charlotte Hornets' star point-guard had a Swaggy P moment during the game with the Miami Heat and the internet can’t get enough of it.



Move over, Swaggy P. Swaggy K is the captain now #shaqtin

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Congratulations, Nick Young — another basketball player has stolen your spot for the most ridiculous premature celebration.

Kemba Walker, the star point-guard for the Charlotte Hornets, was having an amazing night as his team hammered the Miami Heat and won the game with score of 91-82. In total, Walker scored 22 points, grabbed seven rebounds and dropped four assists during the match, but sadly, that is not what his fans (and the rest of the world) will remember him for from now on.

In what could only be defined as a classic Swaggy P moment, the Hornets' point-guard squared up a jumper in the second half of the match and was so confident that he would make the shot that he didn’t even wait for the ball to fall through the hoop — he just turned around and did a full-blown shimmy.

Unfortunately, just as he was shimmying away, the shot rimmed out behind his back.

It was a rather embarrassing moment and the internet, obviously, couldn’t get enough of it.

And then someone did this:

Walker’s missed shot shimmy certainly rivals Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young, AKA Swaggy P, celebrating a three-pointer before the ball actually fell through the hoop.

While it is never a good idea to celebrate something before it has actually transpired, it’s safe to assume that some other athlete will soon pull a similar move and join these two in the internet infamy.

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