NBA Player Fatally Shot After Entering The Wrong Apartment

New Orleans Pelican Bryce Dejean-Jones was on his way to his girlfriend's new home when he made the fatal mistake.

In an unfortunate, and ultimately deadly, sequence of events, New Orleans Pelicans player Bryce Dejean-Jones died of a gunshot wound early Saturday in Dallas, Texas.

The 23-year-old rookie mistakenly entered the wrong apartment when he was on his way to his girlfriend's new apartment for his daughter's first birthday.

Dejean-Jones had already been there earlier in the day, according to his agent Scott Nichols. However, this time when he was navigating the apartment complex, he went to an apartment on the 3rd floor, directly beneath the one his girlfriend had just moved in.

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The apartment's resident said he heard someone enter his unit. When he called out to the intruder, there was no response. The trespasser kicked open the door to his bedroom, but the resident was ready, with his gun poised to protect and kill.

The resident shot and Dejean-Jones collapsed in the breezeway. He was taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries.

"There is no information that suggests the deceased Bryce Dejean-Jones knew the apartment resident, or was armed as he entered the apartment," said police spokesman DeMarquis Black.

It is unclear if any charges will be brought against the shooter.

The incidence took place in Texas, where the clause stipulating that the shooter retreat before shooting an attacker, has been removed.

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Dejean-Jones' death is being mourned by his family and the basketball community. During his time, Dejean-Jones had proven himself to be an able player. In the 2014-15 season when he played for Iowa State and ranked fourth on his team in scoring.

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