NBA Star Donovan Mitchell Surprises Fans By Crashing Their Cookout

The NBA rookie of the year finalist asked his fans on Twitter where he could find a party to attend. Then he did the unexpected — he crashed someone's party.

Utah Jazz point guard Donovan Mitchell (center) holds the ball between two Houston Rockets players.

Most Americans across the country are probably regaling each other with stories of what they did on the Fourth of July. But few will be able to say a star basketball player attended their party.

Utah Jazz point guard Donovan Mitchell, apparently, didn’t have any plans for his Independence Day festivities. So, he tweeted out to his followers — all 300,000 of them — a simple question: Where was the party?

Well, what else can you do when you don’t have plans for the nation’s birthday?

Fans responded to the tweet, which to most probably just seemed like a friendly message to his followers to send pictures back as a response. But then something crazy happened: Mitchell actually showed up to at least one of those parties.

Mitchell, who was a finalist for the rookie of the year award last season, has a devoted fan base in his team’s hometown of Salt Lake City. Therefore, his surprise visit to some fans’ residence during their Independence Day celebrations was likely an amazing experience for those who adore him.

Mitchell’s actions here, and those of other players who are also performing kind acts for their fans, should be lauded. They let the fans of these players know that they’re valued, and that those players understand they’d be nowhere without their devotees being so dedicated to them.

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