NFL Hall Of Fame Doesn’t Mind That Darren Sharper's A Convicted Rapist

Former NFL star and convicted serial rapist Darren Sharper was just nominated into the league's Hall of Fame, and everyone is shaking their heads.

darren sharper

It appears the NFL has no qualms about allowing a serial rapist to be inducted into its Hall of Fame. After all, the Hall of Fame boasts inclusion of convicted criminals O.J. Simpson and Lawrence Taylor.

On Thursday, former NFL safety and convicted rapist Darren Sharper was listed for possible entry into Pro Football’s Hall of Fame, sparking public outrage, AP reportedHe was nominated last year as well for the Hall of Fame, but that was before pleading guilty to drugging and raping 16 women in 4 different states.

In an editorial, ESPN quipped that the "NFL can do better." After all, why would the Pro Football organization need to kowtow to a man who is serving an 18-year sentence for repeated sexual crimes?

As ESPN noted, the football league has repeatedly received critical backlash for not taking violence against women seriously. For example, when running back Ray Rice attacked his girlfriend, now wife, in an elevator, he was suspended for only two games. The league eventually suspended him in light of the public outcry over such a lax punishment.

How did Sharper manage to slip through the cracks of the nominating panel this time around? By ignoring his crimes and thereby devaluing his rape victims, the NFL is facing a major public relations nightmare, again. 

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