San Diego Moving Companies Refuse To Help Chargers Move To LA

There's a lot of bitterness from loyal fans after the Chargers decided to abandon San Diego for Los Angeles.

The San Diego Chargers have decided to move north to Los Angeles this upcoming NFL season.

The Los Angeles area, therefore, will have two National Football League teams; the St. Louis Rams moved to LA at the start of this season. Two NFL teams is likely to be a potential boost to the region's leisure and tourism industry.

But not everyone is happy about their decision.





What's more,  even moving companies in the area have allegedly refused them their services.

“We were just sitting there thinking about the physical move of the Chargers,” says Ryan Charles, head of sales and marketing for “We were thinking we would not want to be a part of that, having been born and raised here and being a lifelong Chargers fan.”

“Other moving companies, our peers, might not want to, either,” he added, “and wouldn’t it be cool if we all banded together to say that we wouldn’t?”

Charles even went as far as calling other moving companies to run the idea by them.

“The feedback was immediately positive,” he says. “I got chuckles, people were laughing, there were guys saying ‘I wouldn’t move them for X amount of dollars.’”

Soon, more than 22 movers in the area had vowed not to move the Chargers north and more were expected to sign on in the coming days.

An email is being sent to as many movers as Charles can think of.

“It’s almost like the last line of defense. We were making this last statement of loyalty to the SAN DIEGO Chargers,” said Charles.

NFL San Diego

The team has spent 55 years in San Diego but was increasingly unsettled in recent years due to their inability to secure permission to build a new stadium.

In November 2016, San Diego voters rejected a ballot measure that would have helped pay for a proposed $1.8 billion downtown stadium project.

Team owner Dean Spanos had been negotiating with city officials over the proposal but it didn't work out.

"As difficult as the news is for Charger fans, I know Dean Spanos and his family did everything they could to try to find a viable solution in San Diego," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said.

"At the end of the day, Dean Spanos was never willing to work with us on a stadium solution and demanded a lot more money than we could have ever agreed to," Mayor Kevin Falconer said in a statement. "San Diego didn't lose the Chargers, the Chargers lost San Diego."

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