Fox Anchor Taken To Task For Tweeting Figure Skating Isn’t A Sport

After calling figure skating an art form instead of a sport while reporting on it, the anchor got schooled by figure skaters, including some Olympic medalists.

Figure skater's silhouette.

A Texas sports anchor from a Fox affiliate got the online beating of the century after asserting that figure skating isn’t a sport.

Edward Egros, a Fox-4 Dallas reporter, took to Twitter to make a statement about the sport, saying that while figure skating is difficult, and only a few people can actually do it well, he didn’t consider it a sport.

His comment did not go over well with Twitter users, some of whom happened to be athletes.

The incident happened right as skaters were in the ring competing in the South Korea Winter Olympics. But as soon as Egros published that nonsense, current Team USA Olympian Vincent Zhou fired back.

Telling the reporter to do his job and “we’ll do ours,” the youngest Olympian competing during this year’s games prompted others to join in.

Egros' colleague, Chris Knierim, was one of the first to jump into the fray, showing all his support to Zhou.

Other athletes, including retired Canadian figure skater Jeffrey Buttle — a bronze medalist in the 2006 Turin games — also chimed in.

Even Gracie Gold, a member of the skating team that helped Team USA get a bronze medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, had something to say.

Prior to the backlash, Egros tried to clarify why he made the comments regarding figure skating by calling the sport “too subjective.”

Instead of a sport, he said, figure skating is an art form.

Other Twitter users also responded to the anchor, siding with the athletes.

Still, even after all the attention he got, Egros appeared to remain steady as a rock.

Some people, it seems, will just never recognize facts even when bombarded by them. 

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