Rio Protesters Extinguish Olympic Flame

Footage shows a runner carrying the extinguished torch being transported to a bus as angry protesters chanted out slogans.

The 2016 Summer Olympics opening ceremony is just around the corner and protesters in a city near Rio de Janeiro, the venue city, briefly extinguished one of the tournament’s symbolic torches.

The games, as everyone by now knows all too well, have been embroiled in various controversies, from kidnappings and police violence to feces-laden lakes and Zika outbreak.

Several protests have also been held in opposition of the event but to no avail. The most recent was the Angra dos Reis protest that disrupted an Olympic torch relay.

This particular demonstration, which prompted the participants of the Olympic Games’ procession to flee the site in a bus, was staged by teachers protesting against not being paid for two months.

The momentary extinguishing of the Olympic flame, understandably, prompted security concerns.

“There has never been a problem,” said Jose Mariano Beltrame, Rio's state secretary of security. “Yesterday there was one. This needs to be reevaluated and we will be paying more attention to this question.”

Although an event spokesman assured there was a “back-up” torch, the extinguishing of the one shown in the video above signifies the discontent of the locals over the games.

As per an opinion poll conducted earlier this month, nearly two-thirds of Brazilians believe the Olympics will more harm than good for their country.

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