Proud Parents Watching Their Son Win Gold Melted People’s Hearts

Mikael Kingsbury has had his heart set on winning a gold medal since he was 9 years old, and his parents proudly watched his dream become a reality.

Mikael Kingsbury celebrating Olympic victory

Although Mikael Kingsbury is now an Olympic gold medalist, the internet has determined that his parents are the real winners.

Kingsbury, 25, won the gold for Canada in the men’s moguls skiing event as his parents watched eagerly on the sidelines. The couple stole the internet’s collective heart as they transitioned from anxiously embracing each other in anticipation to a celebratory hug complete with jumping and shouting.

The ecstatic parents were later able to hug their champion son with the Canadian flag in tow.

Apparently, Kingsbury achieved a life-long dream by winning gold. When he was 9 years old, he posted a piece of paper above his bed with an image of the Olympics logo and the words “I will win #1,” which is still hanging up at his parents’ home to this day.

His mother, Julie Kingsbury, described the exciting moment as a “fairytale," according to Devin Heroux of CBC News. 

According to BBC News, Kingsbury won silver four years ago in Sochi, Russia. Over the years, he remained hopeful that he would one day win gold.

His victory in Pyeongchang marks the third Olympics in a row that a Canadian man has won the moguls freestyle skiing event as Alexandre Bilodeau took home the gold in 2010 and 2014.

As expected, hearts were melted by the Kingsburys’ reaction to seeing their son’s dream finally become a reality. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Mike Blake 

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