Rafael Nadal Stops Match To Let A Mother Find Her Lost Child

A classy move by Rafael Nadal helped avert a potentially very bad situation for a small child.

Rafael Nadal was playing an exhibition doubles match with Simon Solbas against Carlos Moya and John McEnroe in Mallorca when a commotion broke out in the crowd, distracting him from the game.

It was an extremely distraught mother searching for her daughter, looking around desperately and calling out to the lost girl, Clara.

Though he was ready to serve, Nadal immediately stopped, sparking a court-wide search for the toddler.

The crowd began to search for the girl. The players waited till the little girl was found and reunited with her distraught mother.

It was only then that the champ went back to the game.


The exhibition was a doubles match featuring Nadal and three former grand slam champions and world number ones. Nadal’s partner was fellow French Open champion Mats Wilander and the duo played against John McEnroe and Carlos Moya.

McEnroe is also a former world No. 1 and seven-time major champion. He was also the runner-up at the French Open in 1984. Moya, the 1998 French Open champion and former world No. 1, was Nadal’s idol growing up and also hails from Mallorca.

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