French And Italian Female Swimmers Wrestle At The Finish Line

The 10km marathon swim was rocked by controversy at the Rio 2016 Olympics when Aurelie Muller, set to finish second, dunked Italy’s Rachele Bruni to get ahead.

Things got muddled as the open water swimmers from France and Italy crossed the line after a grueling 10K Olympic swim Monday. It was almost a neck-to-neck race, but apparently, French swimmer Aurelie Muller was a bit more anxious to win because she tried to dunk her competitor, Italy’s Rachele Bruni, at the finish line.

Muller promptly lost her position in the race and was stripped of her medal-winning position.  

Instead, the gold medal went to Sharon Van Rouwendaal, the silver to Italy's Bruni and bronze to Brazil's Poliana Okimoto.  

"We were side by side then when we were coming close to the touch, she went over me, pushed me down with her arm on my shoulder and so I wasn't able to touch the finishing board," said Bruni.

Muller’s coach Philippe Lucas responded, “This is the worst scenario that can happen. I have not seen the images. I found that the decision was made very quickly anyway.”

“In sports, there is always injustice unfortunately. It’s like that. But it’s not worth crying for 50 years. The podium is made, it’s dead. It’s over,” he added.

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