Patriots Player’s Home Was Robbed While He Played In The Super Bowl

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski took major losses as his team fell to the Philadelphia Eagles on Super Bowl night and his home got burglarized.

While the New England Patriots were losing at Super Bowl LII, tight end Rob Gronkowski's Massachusetts home was being burglarized.

It was open season for the burglar(s), but Gronkowski suffered a "double whammy," Foxborough Police Chief William D. Baker told the Boston Globe.

"I don't know if you ever been the victim of a break-in, but when you are robbed and there is an intrusion into your personal space, it's unpleasant whether you are Rob Gronkowski or Bill Baker,'' Baker said. "For him, it's a double whammy coming off the loss."

While the disrespectful violation associated with a robbery must hurt, it likely doesn't impact athletes and celebrities' pockets too much when this happens since they make quite a bit of money and can possibly replace some of their stolen goods.

"We are not releasing any information on the property stolen or possible suspects at this time to preserve the integrity of the criminal investigation," Baker told HuffPost.

It has been established that there were "multiple safes and possible guns taken" from the residence, according to a recording of the police scanner call. It sucks for the athlete, who must live in a neighborhood where there aren't enough nosy neighbors to watch his house like a hawk.

The Washington Post reported that a neighbor did notice something was off about the house but didn't call for help.

"We went past the house on Sunday, about 12:30, 1 p.m., and I happened to notice the gate was ajar, which is very unusual," Tom Savino said. "You never see that gate ajar. So, as a joke, my son and I said, 'Gee, maybe we should just call the police or something.' Now I'm sort of sorry I didn't."

Hopefully Gronkowski will bounce back from both losses in no time.

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