Seahawks Pass On Colin Kaepernick Because He Won't Stand For Anthem

The quarterback activist has been unemployed since 2016 despite objective measures showing he could likely play as well other league quarterbacks.

The saga of Colin Kaepernick's contentious, politicized, grandiose-yet-socially-justified national anthem protest has taken an interesting turn. 

The Seattle Seahawks have, according to ESPN, explicitly stated they won't hire Kaepernick unless he agrees to stop kneeling during the anthem. 

On its surface, it seems, the Seahawks are essentially saying they fear living under the media storm cloud that could come with Kaepernick — a kind of pre-emptive PR weather planning. 

An anonymous source told ESPN's Adam Schefter that Kaepernick was all geared up to begin working out with Seattle, but at the last minute the team tossed in the stipulation that the embattled quarterback activist would have to agree to halt his protest. 

Kaep refused.

Although the Seahawks said they're still considering letting Kaepernick try out and no decisions are final, the team signed former Washington Redskins quarterback Stephen Morris on Friday.


This development comes amid long speculation (read: obvious fact) that teams won't hire Kaepernick because of his activism. Some say it runs deeper: His shunning from the NFL constitutes racial injustice. 

Kaepernick's athletic prowess, many say, should earn him a spot in the NFL (at least as a backup, which is the role for which Seattle had teased him), but he's remained unemployed since 2016. 

Sports analysts for The Washington Post crunched the numbers to determine if Kaep was in fact as good as other quarterbacks who did play in the NFL's 2017 season. They concluded 10 quarterbacks were worse than him, seven were on par, and 15 were better. 

Certainly this qualifies a man for a post, even if mostly on the sidelines, in America's beloved sport of sweat and fury. 

But one wonders what would have happened if a team had simply taken the chance on Kaep last year. Would the NFL's ratings really have been any worse? Given that the NFL's beleaguered image already had the lowest ratings in years without him, it seems doubtful. 

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