Woman Shuts Down Sexist Seahawks Fan Harassing Female Coach

A Seattle Seahawks fan thought it was a good idea to shout degrading comments at the Buffalo Bills’ female coach Monday night, but he was highly mistaken.

Although the United States may elect its first female president on Tuesday night, sexism is still alive and well throughout the nation.

Sexism has reared its ugly head throughout this election, and continues to do so in every aspect of society from the workplace and beyond.

This fact was proven by one particular Seattle Seahawks fan who harassed a female coach during Monday night’s game.

Kathryn Smith, the first full-time female coach in the NFL, is the Buffalo Bills’ special teams quality control coach. While her position indicates notable progression in the world of professional sports, there are some folks who just can’t handle women breaking barriers.

At the start of the Bills vs. Seahawks game as Smith took the field with her male counterparts, a Seahawks fan above repeatedly shouted, “Waitress!” at her and ordered a Pepsi.

While there’s nothing wrong with being a waitress, this fan was clearly trying to degrade Smith by reducing her position of leadership down to that of someone who was there to serve him.

The silver-lining in this scenario, however, is the female fan standing next to him who gave him a slap in the arm and a stern scolding after witnessing his vile behavior.

It’s unclear if the two were attending the game together, but whether she was a friend or complete stranger, she had the right response.

She was in Seahawks gear as well, so she could have just as well ignored the man’s actions, but she knew how inappropriate he was being and did not stand for it, regardless of their support for the same team.

Women banding together is one very important element needed to fulfill the hopes of ever seeing true gender equality.

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @ForTheWin

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