Soccer Player’s Career Up In Flames After Tweet Mocking Stillborn Baby

A British soccer player must hang up his cleats after being dropped from his team for an insensitive tweet making fun of another player’s deceased child.

British soccer player Alfie Barker’s career has crashed and burned following one crass and sickening tweet.

Barker, 19, was recently signed to Hitchin Town Football Club. He annihilated his career and reputation by sending a tweet to fellow soccer player Harry Arter, who plays for Bournemouth, making an insensitive joke about his stillborn daughter.

After Arter’s team blew a three-goal lead to end in a tie with Arsenal, Barker posted in a since-deleted tweet, “Big hype just for a disappointment like the nine months leading up to your child’s birth,” The Washington Post reports.

Upon realizing the error of his ways, Barker tried to initially blame the tweet on an alleged hacker, but then later apologized for it. However, no amount of damage control could get him out of the career-ending hole he dug for himself.

“Im (sic) sorry for every comment made, id (sic) like to apologise to harry arter and his family for such disgraceful comments and im (sic) sorry…,” the athlete wrote before his Twitter account was suspended Wednesday afternoon.

Hitchin soon announced that they had terminated their relationship with Barker who exhibited “irresponsible and anti-social behavior.”

“The club adopts a responsible approach to social media and would expect any player connected to Hitchin Town to do likewise,” the semi-professional football club said in a statement.

Barker could face even more disciplinary action, including a potentially steep fine and/or ban.

Arter, 26, has not publicly spoken out about Barker’s incredibly offensive and vile attack; however, early reports suggest that he was the one who alerted Twitter about the post.

Arter previously expressed the devastation he experienced following his daughter’s death in an interview with The Guardian:

“Every day I think of her. And it’s strange because there are days when I feel like a normal person, or how someone who hasn’t lost a baby would feel. But then it will just hit you, driving along, and suddenly you see something that triggers your mind.”

That type of pain is a parent’s worst nightmare and it is never, under any circumstance, acceptable for someone to mock another person's loss.

Barker may be regretting his post now, but he didn’t think twice about sharing those sentiments on a public platform for everyone to see. Perhaps this blow to his career is the reality check Barker — who was clearly full of himself — needed. 

Banner Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Nick Macneill

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