Bigots Slam Red Sox For Celebrating Pride Night With Rainbow Logo

The Boston Red Sox shared an image of a rainbow-colored logo for its Pride Night. Most people were fine with it, but some bigots on social media exposed their hate.

The Boston Red Sox celebrated Pride Month by unveiling a rainbow-colored logo on the pitcher’s mound during their Thursday night Pride Night festivities, their sixth season doing so.

While most fans were accepting of it, a few on social media couldn’t help but expose their bigotry.

Some fans replied to a tweet from the official Red Sox Twitter account, which published the photo of the logo, by asking “Is this really necessary?” with others sharing that sentiment.

Other, more rational, fans recognized that the need for Pride Month and events like the Red Sox’s Pride Night was evident, given the vitriol that came about from a simple rainbow-colored logo.

Another supposed fan expressed dismay with the team, writing, “Not sure how I feel about being a Red Sox fan anymore” on a separate Pride Night tweet.

Several people had good answers to that sentiment, too.

Despite most fans being supportive of the Pride Month recognition by the Red Sox organization, many others were still combative over it. Some sardonically asked when a “straight” or “white male” night would be, while others thought the Red Sox were being too “political” in supporting the LGBT community.

But these types of comments miss the point entirely: Pride Month is about recognizing that members of the LGBT community do indeed have a place in our society. For far too long, those who were open about themselves were (and still are) abused and attacked over their identities. Pride Month celebrates how far those in the movement have come, but it is also about pushing forward a more accepting culture than the one we currently live in.

These comments from intolerant fans are precisely why the Red Sox’s Pride Night and other events like it should become more commonplace. Acceptance will not come easily, but it won’t come at all if people don’t see members of the LGBT community being celebrated for who they are.

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