10 Sports Stars With The Most Bizarre Techniques

This crazy bunch created their own style no matter how weird it looked



The world of sports doesn't shut its door on weird. If it's effective and legal, there is nothing an athlete can't try out. In fact, the more bizarre and weird an athlete's style of play is, the better.

Down below are nine athletes who defied norms and played sports on their own terms. Their style of play may not fit into the conventional idea of "perfect," but that didn't stop them from enjoying the sport they played.

1. Paul Adams


South African cricketer Paul Adams was a left-arm unorthodox spinman whose bowling action was famously likened to a "frog in a blender" by English batsman Mike Gatting. Whatever you do, don't ever try to copy his style if you love your spine.

2. Shawn Marion


Dubbed the ugliest jump shot in basketball, Shawn Marion's release truly deserves being called that. But did he let it affect his career? Nope. Marion is a four-time NBA All-Star and has a respectable career average of 15.8 PPG.

3. Craig McMillan


When facing tricky bowlers, retired New Zealand all-rounder Craig McMillan used to completely change his batting stance. He basically finished off what Shivnarine Chanderpaul started.

4. Brian Battistone


We bet Brian Battistone's serve is nothing like anything you've ever seen on a tennis court. His racquet has two handles, and that's so because he uses a volleyball-styled jump serve.

5. Kerlon


They've been playing organized football for more than a century now, yet before Kerlon, it occurred to no one that you can dribble the ball on your head and no one can touch you. Meet the inventor of the famous seal dribble.

6. Hideo Nomo


This here is arguably the weirdest windup in baseball, and it belongs to former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Hideo Nomo.

7. Evgenia Kulikovskaya

Forehand is the most effective and powerful stroke in most tennis players' repertoire. Everyone has one, with the exception being Russia's Evgenia Kulikovskaya, who had two forehands. Capitalizing on his ambidextrousness, Kulikovskaya taught himself to smash forehands from both sides.

8. Darren Mills

Golf regularly sees a lot of strange swings, but how about this guy's? It has no backswing but still manages to travel for over 300 yards.

9. Prince Naseem Hamed


The first thing all boxers are religiously required to do in a fight is to keep their hands up. But Prince Naseem Hamed always kept his guard down to invite opponents to attack him. His is by far the most unconventional style of boxing we've ever seen.

10. Lasith Malinga


How can Sri Lankan pacer Lasith Malinga bowl with that slinging arm action and not have every delivery go wide off the mark?

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