Star High School Athlete Accused Of Really Being 30 Years Old

A 17-year-old high school athlete may be a 30-year-old man according to reports following his arrest for violating the Immigration Refugee Protection Act.

Jonathon Nicola, a Canadian high school basketball player — originally from South Sudan — has been arrested for violating the Immigration Refugee Protection Act, Business Insider reports.

Apparently, the athlete is believed to be 30 years old which, of course, would make him completely ineligible to play on a high school team.

Business Insider notes that despite revealing this speculation surrounding his age, it is unclear what exactly he was originally arrested for.

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For the last six months, 6’9” Nicola has been in Canada on a student visa as a 17-year-old junior. He has showcased his extraordinary talents while playing for Windsor Hoops, an Ontario basketball program.

The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School board representative only had this to say on the matter:

“Generally I can tell you that we have a system of checks and balances in place that whenever international students are coming into any of our schools, we make sure that they have all of the necessary government documentation that they require in order to be in one of our schools ... if we felt at any time that there is any kind of threat to any of our students at any of our schools, then we would act appropriately."

Nicola is reportedly being held in custody with a hearing scheduled for next week.

Nicola was believed to have NBA potential, which may all go down the drain depending on how these outlandish accusations unfold. 

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