Super Bowl Feud Gets Real As Philadelphia And Boston Ban Enemy Foods

The feud is totally on between Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriot fans after Boston and Philly ban all enemy foods as Super Bowl LII nears.


The Eagles-Patriots feud just got too real. Philadelphia and Boston are now banning each other's' foods in the wake of Super Bowl LII.

Initially, the Esplanade Association in Boston, Massachusetts, issued a ban on Philadelphia-related items and foods at its Esplanade park before the Feb. 4 game, but now the teams are taking their football rivalry to the next level, according to Time.

Boston's Craft Beer Cellar is pulling Philly's craft beer from their shelves until the day after the Super Bowl because they're "showing our pride in New England," according to Meanwhile, Philly instated a food ban that prohibits the selling of Boston cream donuts, presenting a "Creamed Boston" donut instead.

This comes after the Boston park took the first dig by creating a list of banned Philly-related foods including cheesesteak sandwiches, soft pretzels and Philadelphia brand Cream Cheese and Will Smith. 

It's all trivial, and Boston seems to be taking things a bit further even if it means altering the way business is run. The Montilio's Baking Company imposed a ban on Philadelphia cream cheese from its shops and will put a Wisconsin brand in its place, according to the Boston Globe.

Eagles fans have a reputation for getting rowdy and the city isn't shy to kick its pettiness up a notch. They changed Philadelphia-based Boston Markets signs in support of their home team and the Museum of the American Revolution temporarily renamed its Patriots Gallery to "Eagles Gallery," for the upcoming face-off against the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles,  according to USA Today

Police aren't going to grease the poles with Crisco this time around, but maybe they should consider it because the football feud intensifies the closer the Super Bowl game gets. It's all fun and games until horses are struck.




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