This 100-Year-Old Woman Just Set A Sprinting World Record

Ida Keeling ran the fastest 100-meters by an individual 100 years or older.

Ida Keeling is truly someone we should all aspire to be when we are 100 years old.

The native New Yorker with endless energy set a world record at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia on Saturday while running the 100-meter dash.

The dash was intended for those 80 years old and up; Keeling ran the 100 meters in a record-setting 1 minute and 17.33 seconds.

Keeling is small, spanning only 4 feet 6 inches and weighing 83 pounds. According to a New York Times profile from 2014, she has been resilient in her beliefs from an early age, acting as an activist during the civil rights era.

She told the Times that experiencing the Great Depression very much shaped her attitude toward life: “I learned to stand on my own two feet during the Depression. It taught you to do what you had to do without anyone doing it for you.”

Due to her husband’s death, Keeling became a single mother of four and worked in a sewing factory to provide for her family. Running became an outlet later in life to combat much of her frustration.

As she sailed to victory in front of a crowd of 34,000 on Saturday, Keeling remarked that the energy felt was unprecedented.

“I’ve never seen nothing like this crowd. Maybe that’s what the excitement was,” she told NBC Sports.

According to NPR, Keeling’s advice for those feeling inspired was simple: "Eat for nutrition, not for taste. Exercise at least once a day. Love yourself.”

Words to live by from an incredible woman. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @RunnersWorld

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