Tourists Left Messages At Rio Airport Apologizing For Ryan Lochte

As American tourists departed from Rio de Janeiro after the 2016 Olympics came to an end, many opted to leave apologetic notes regarding swimmer Ryan Lochte.

ryan lochte

At Galeão International Airport in Brazil, tourists left messages apologizing for the embarrassing mess and media frenzy caused by United States Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

The Rio airport hung a board on which tourists could leave a special message as they exited the country after the Olympics ended on Sunday. An overwhelmingly common message repeated across the board appeared to be “Sorry about Ryan Lochte,” which many visitors scrawled.

But, are the comments genuinely apologetic or seriously snarky? More than likely, the flood of supposed apologies do carry some guilt, but they certainly come too late.

The petty drama unfolded when Lochte claimed he was robbed at gunpoint in order to cover up for damaging property at a gas station while he was out on the town eight days ago. He later called his overt lie about being robbed just an “over-exaggeration.” As a result, social media was furious for the soft reactions Lochte received, but the swimmer’s actions eventually caught up with him.

While Lochte—who won a gold medal this Olympics in the 4 x 200-meter freestyle relay—at first appeared to get off easily for the embarrassing incident, on Monday he lost both his Speedo USA and Ralph Lauren endorsement deals.

Lochte has been dragged through social media for taking advantage of his privileged status as a white American and for generally being incredibly immature. “I let my team down,” he said of the vandal incident, his lies, and the unnecessary attention garnered from the press. 

Photo credit: Reuters

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