Twitter Shows Steelers’ Kicker No Mercy After Humiliating Onside Kick

Kicker for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers Chris Boswell is being dragged on Twitter and blamed for his team’s loss after failing to execute a special move.

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ kicker Chris Boswell is probably somewhere with his tail tucked between his legs as the internet drags him through the mud for the world’s worst onside kick.

During the Steelers' game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, Boswell attempted some fancy footwork and failed miserably.

According to Sports Illustrated, he was trying to execute a “Rabona,” which is a move most commonly seen in soccer when the kicker swings his kicking foot behind his planted foot to send the ball in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, Boswell did not carry this plan out very well. His feet ended up getting twisted up around each other and the ball went nowhere. It was such a ridiculous sight to behold that even the referees couldn’t help but laugh.

In addition to that moment of sheer embarrassment, the Steelers ended up losing to the Ravens with a final score of 21-14. They were forced to go home both defeated and shamed.

Nevertheless, the internet is still having a field day with Boswell’s terrible attempt to combine futbol with football.

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @SkySportsNFL

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