Unruly Fan Attacks Referee During Turkish Soccer Match

Two angry soccer fans have been detained after one of them interrupted a match on Sunday when he rushed the field and attacked an assistant referee.

fan attacks referee

Two soccer fans have been detained by Turkish authorities for attacking an assistant referee during a game between Trabzonspor and their rival Fenerbahce.

Fenerbahce was leading 4-0 during Sunday’s game when rowdy fans rushed the field, one attacking assistant referee Volkan Bayarslan. Things got so out of hand; the game was suspended.

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The attacker was caught on video pushing Bayarslan to the ground and punching him before security pulled them a part.

Riot police immediately rushed the field to restore order as players and coaches from both teams ran out and other fans began throwing items onto the field.

Bayarslan managed to come out of the attack mostly unharmed and offered his colleagues a wave to show he was okay.

Two male minors were detained in connection with the attack, one of which is reportedly 17 years old. The two teens are set to be questioned by authorities dealing with juveniles.

Soccer referees evidently have a very dangerous job. Similar attacks have occurred during other recent soccer matches such as in Argentina when a referee was shot dead in the middle of a game after he called a penalty against a player.

Sports fans around the world take their favorite games seriously and referees regularly receive plenty of verbal abuse from angry fans when their teams are losing.

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People look for someone to blame when the outcome isn’t in their favor and referees are easy targets. It shouldn’t have been quite so easy, however, for this fan to make his way to the field and physically assault a man for doing his job. 

Banner image credit: Twitter, @ESPNUK

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