Want To Race Yourself? With Nike's New LED Track, You Can

Nike has unveiled an interactive track in Manila that allows runners to race against a "ghost" version of themselves — and people can't get enough of it.

In Manila, Philippines, runners are now able to chase themselves — literally.

Nike, one of the world's largest suppliers of athletic wear, has built a pop-up arena track that allows runners to race against an LED avatar of themselves. This virtual race technology is being hailed as unique for its LED-based system and because it helps those engaged in it learn proper pacing.

On top of that, runners may become more motivated as the LED projection effectively makes running look way more fun than it actually is.

On Twitter, users were all praise.

Some even asked Nike to build one in their hometowns.

Perhaps, if this technology starts popping up in other corners of the world, people will become more active as a result. With nearly one-third of the world population now struggling with obesity, that would be nice.

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