11 Computer Hacks That'll Make You Wonder How You Never Knew Them

These 11 genius computer hacks offer cheap and easy ways to clear your cache, lock your computer, boost your Wi-Fi connection, and much more.

While it's no secret that tech shortcuts are incredibly handy, some of the most useful ones are unknown to most people. 

There are many common tricks that make the digital world much easier to navigate, such as holding down the “Ctrl” and “A” keys to copy a large amount of text or pressing “Alt” along with the “PrtScn” button to take a screengrab. 

However, there are a ton of secret hacks that many daily computer users have no idea exist but would benefit greatly from.

Today is your lucky day because below you will find some of the tech world’s best-kept secrets.

1) Prevent Your Laptop From Overheating

A simple, cheap solution for keeping your laptop cool is to take an empty egg carton, turn it upside down, and sit your computer on top of it. 

2) Quickly Clear Your Cache

Press "Control," plus "Shift," plus "R" to quickly clear your cache and refresh your page.

3) Use Bread Clips To Organize Power Cords

You can even color coordinate, like so: 

4) Download A YouTube Video

Add "ss" to the URL between www. and YouTube.

5) Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal With Household Items

This will take some time, but it's worth a try to avoid having to go out and buy a device to improve your connection. 

6) Lock Your Computer In Seconds

On a Windows PC, hit "Windows," plus "L" to lock your computer. For a Mac, click "Command," plus "Option," plus "Eject," (or "Power" if your computer doesn't have an optical drive).

7) Recover A Lost Word Document That Wasn’t Autosaved

Search .asd in the file explorer under "My/This PC" and the file should reappear. 

8) Fix Your Frayed MacBook Power Cord With A Straw

9) Quickly Recover A Tab Closed By Mistake

Press "Control" (or "Command" on Mac), plus "Shift," plus "T."

10) Backspace On A Mac Keyboard

Press "Fn" and "Delete."

11) Easily Clean Your Keyboard

Use a Post-It Note's adhesive part to pick up particles and dirt from in between your keys. 

Go ahead, try a few of these out. You can thank us later. 

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