Amazon Just Patented A Pocket Drone That Will Help You Find Your Kids

The Seattle-based ecommerce giant has reportedly patented a small drone with many useful purposes, for first responders and average consumers alike.

Amazon door

Amazon: The ultimate ecommerce application that has literally everything a person could ask for. In addition to fulfilling daily product needs, Amazon is big in the tech manufacturing business . . . and its latest creation has the power to shake up the world. Seriously.

The company has been awarded a patent for a small voice-activated personal drone that hangs out on your shoulder, New Atlas reports, and it will likely be used for random tasks like locating your car in a busy parking lot or checking to see if you closed the garage door. Because, you know, that's the perfect chore for a little Amazon drone. 

On a grander scale, the drone may actually become very handy to emergency personnel by finding missing children and tracing fires or injured people. Interestingly, the drone may even aid policemen by recording useful information after pulling someone over or taking pictures of suspects. So if you plan to get arrested soon, aim for the near future. Who wants to end up on the drone cam?

Here's how it works: Just ask the drone to carry out your task — such as finding your vehicle — and it will scan RFID tags, barcodes, or utilize recognition software to track it.

While it’s not definite the personal assistant drone will come to fruition anytime soon, there’s reason to believe it will happen someday. For one thing, Amazon loves making drones, and it’s been emerging onto the voice-activated tech forefront with products such as the Echo Dot, a hands-free device that reads the news, sets alarms, plays music, and more.  

Looks like we're ushering in the era of shoulder drones, after all. 

Banner Image Credit: Flickr user Andrew Turner

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