Apple Deems Gaza-Based Game 'Political' – But Not The One About Israel

A game about a Palestinian girl in Gaza would have made sense had Apple Store applied its rules evenly.

Gaza Game

Apple is facing criticism after rejecting a game based on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from its App Store.


"Liyla and the Shadows of War" revolves around a Palestinian girl trying to avoid drones, bombs and other warzone dangers in the Gaza Strip.

While Apple has not entirely removed the game, it has asked Liyla’s Palestinian developer Rasheed Abueideh to re-categorize it as “news” or “reference.”

Now, the decision to refuse the game would’ve made some sense had the company not included a similar game called “Israeli Heroes,” an Angry Birds clone in which players launch Israeli missiles, to its App Store.

This was pointed out by a Twitter user named Naomi Clark:


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“Retailers and platform holders have the right to arrange their storefronts any way they see fit,” notes Ars Technica.

However, rejecting a Gaza-themed game while allowing one about Israel reflects bias.

Perhaps doing away with vague rules and coming up with clearer set of terms as to what constitutes as appropriate and inappropriate would be a better solution.

For those intrigued about the game, Liyla is available on Google Play.

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