Twitter Is Not Impressed With Apple’s New ‘What’s A Computer?’ Ad

Apple's latest commercial for the iPad Pro features a child asking, "What's a computer?" People everywhere are voicing their hatred of it.

Apple's latest commercial is meant to depict the multitasking capabilities of the newest iPad Pro, but viewers can't stop being frustrated by one tiny detail

The ad features an adolescent biking through Brooklyn, stopping to hang out with friends, and using her iPad Pro for school projects and journaling. She eventually makes it back to her home, where she goes out to the backyard to continue to work on the tablet.

Her neighbor, peering over the fence simply asks her what she's doing on her computer. 

And here's the part viewers can't stand: "What's a computer," the girl asks. 

In this fantasy world Apple has created, computers are so outdated and unnecessary that a middle school-aged child doesn't even know what they are. This message is quite bizarre considering Apple is a tech company that sells, yep you guessed it, computers. 

Sure, in today's world there are plenty of devices that are pretty much obsolete thanks to smartphones and portable tech; Walkmans, VHS tapes, and even DVD players have all become virtually extinct.

But computers? Use of a laptop or computer has become an almost essential part of life, and the chance of a child born in America during the 21st century not knowing what a computer is, is difficult to believe. 

Of course, those enraged by the ad took to social media to bond over their annoyance, and they didn't hold back. 

And who can blame them? It's pretty much the equivalent of Nike airing a commercial where Lebron James asks what sneakers are. 

Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters, Kevin Coombs

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