CES 2017: Of All The Amazing Gadgets LG’s Transparent TV Stands Out

South Korean tech giant LG displayed a variety of technical gadgets, but a TV that allows your eyes to see right through the screen stole the show.

While the CES 2017 display was full of technical wonders, what stole the show was LG’s Display, drawing a creative picture of the gadgets of the future.

LG did not introduce a new category like an underwater drone or an electric car.

In fact it upgraded its line of televisions and the enhancement is pretty futuristic. Because the TV is not just a regular thin one — it’s a transparent TV that is almost as thin as wallpaper.

This design that is one of a kind is called "picture on wall." LG says it creates a sense of immersion, as if it's one with the wall. The television attaches to the wall with a magnetic bracket.

The screen looks like a window when turned off, but can show images when it’s on. The 55-inch prototype isn’t 100 % transparent; there is some opaqueness but it’s close to looking through a glass.


Its flagship OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panels offering a 4k resolution which is much higher than regular Led/LCD panels and HDR are one of a kind.

The South Korean tech giants always had the wow factor- and now they have introduces new processing, audio and brightness enhancing features.

Many experts believe that HDR makes a big impact on the TV screen and picture quality.

LG had displayed a transparent panel in 2014 as well, but it was an 18-inches clear display. This year the tech giant perfected the television for living rooms at 55-inches. 

People on social media have started commenting about this wondrous new gadget of the future.


LG Display's transparent TV is bananas! #MashCES #CES2017

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