China Is Introducing A Smartphone That Bends

Startup Moxi is releasing a bendable smartphone at the year's end for the Chinese market. It looks like a TV remote control, but is actually pretty cool.

In a move that’s about to upstage Apple, which received a patent for a flexible electronic device last year, the Chinese startup company Moxi has announced it is all set to release a fully functional, bendy smartphone that you can wear around your wrist. Maybe you're into that.

The phone will feature a flexible touchscreen that works when looped around a person’s wrist, like a watch or bracelet. It also can function when laid flat, like a typical smartphone.

Moxi—pronounced “moo-she”—said it plans to sell 100,000 units of the phone by the end of this year in China. The initial screen will be only in black and white; however, color screens are planned for 2018.

“Moxi” is a play on the Chinese word for graphene, the material from which the phone is constructed. It is one of the thinnest materials in the world and has been used by Samsung and LG in their own flexible phone prototypes.

Moxi’s graphene phone is expected to sell for about $760 dollars in China, which is roughly $50 dollars cheaper than the Apple iPhone 6S’s Chinese going rate.

The marketability of wearable phones is questionable because they don’t have the full range of usage that normal smartphones have, but that may change in the near future. 

Banner Image Credit: YouTube screenshot, Bullshit Bulletin

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