Domino's Just Unleashed A Pizza Delivery Robot

Domino's Pizza has unveiled a new fully-functioning robot that delivers fresh, hot pizzas to customers’ doorsteps — taking innovation to a whole new level.

domino dru

Domino’s Pizza has deployed a fleet of pizza delivering robots in Australia.

Dubbed the “Domino Robotic Unit” (DRU), the autonomous vehicle can reportedly follow a map, navigate sidewalks, avoid obstacles and keep pizzas hot while on a delivery, according to Mashable.

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“DRU is cheeky and endearing and we are confident that one day he will become an integral part of the Domino’s family. He’s a road to the future and one that we are very excited about exploring further,” said Domino’s Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij in a press release.

DRU was built by Australian defense robot company, Marathon Robotics, which specializes in building “moving targets” for defense and law enforcement to use in target practice.

While delivering pizzas is certainly a very different task, the company seeks to apply its technology and “experience of robots operating in challenging real-world environments” to new areas.

Domino’s said it has been testing the robot in Queensland where they received permits to operate the vehicle. “The DRU prototype is only the first step in our research and development as we continue to develop a range of innovations set to revolutionize the entire pizza-ordering experience,” Meij said.

In addition to Australia, DRU has been unveiled in New Zealand, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Japan and Germany. 

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