Google Will Pay You To Cruise Around In Their Self-Driving Cars

Google is hiring "vehicle safety specialists" for $20 per hour to get chauffeured around Arizona by the tech giant's autonomous vehicles.


File this under “easiest job ever,” Google is offering $20 per hour to drive around in its autonomous vehicles, according to this Arizona job listing.

The tech giant is hiring “vehicle safety specialists” on 12-24 month contracts to supervise Google’s driverless cars and take over the wheel in case something goes wrong.

The job, theoretically, does require some level of work like filling out reports and monitoring software systems, but essentially you are just being paid to get chauffeured around Phoenix’s arid roads for six to eight hours.

In order to qualify, you must possess a college degree, a clean driving record, have no previous run-ins with the law, and are capable of typing 40 words per minute. If you meet the criteria, why not cash in on the futuristic technology before robots take over all of our jobs anyway?

The company isn’t even looking for anyone specific, so previous driving or tech experience isn’t imperative.

“The role of test driver is so new that there isn’t a particular type of person that we look for," Brian Torcellini, head of operations for Google's Self-Driving Car testing program, told The Arizona Republic. "We’ve hired people from all types of backgrounds, from English teachers to orbital welders.”

Banner image credit: Reuters

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