Huawei Distributes Power Banks To Buyers Queued Outside Apple Store

"Here's a power bank. You'll need it. Courtesy of Huawei," read the power banks the Chinese company distributed outside the Apple store in Singapore.



The Chinese company Huawei recently overtook Apple to become the world’s second-largest smart phone seller by market share.

It was for the first time in seven years that any contender managed to split between the two giants, Samsung and Apple, and bagged a significant spot in global smartphone sales.

However, it appears, the Chinese tech titan doesn’t want to be just the second best — it wants to be at the top and to achieve that aim, the company is no longer just playing to its strengths but to its competitor’s weaknesses.

While hundreds of eager customers queued outside the Singapore's Apple Store to get their hands on the newest iPhones, representatives of Huawei hijacked the event and gave out power banks to the buyers. 

According to the company’s representative, the reason for the friendly handout was to "offer respite from the weather and grueling wait." Also, more than 200 of the company's 10,000 mAh Huawei Supercharge power banks were reportedly distributed.

The cover of the power bank read, "Here's a power bank. You'll need it. Courtesy of Huawei."

It’s a no-brainer that Huawei had more than just people’s comfort on its minds when it very strategically gave away power banks outside the Apple’s store. iPhones might have numerous extraordinary features but battery capacity is definitely not one of its main strengths and the Chinese company seized the opportunity to point out just that.

Also, the move came shortly after Huawei posted on its Facebook page about its model, P20 Pro which has a "looong-lasting battery."

However, it isn’t the first time the Chinese tech giant had tried to upstage Apple.

In London, the smartphone maker trolled Apple by driving a van past the U.S. tech giant’s flagship store and proceeded to hand out drinks with taglines "no traces of apple" and “Get ju%ce that lasts.”        It also provided a charging booth that could plug in an armful of phones at a time. All was done to yet again remind customers Huawei’s battery life lasts longer.



Likewise, during the Apple launch event in San Francisco earlier this month, the Huawei’s official Twitter account sent out a series of cryptic tweets, mocking the new iPhone without naming it.




Huawei still has a long way to go before it dominates the tech market. However, such ploys are bound to keep the company relevant for than just its technical innovations.

Banner Image Credits: Pexels

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