The Monumental First Things To Ever Happen On The Internet

Do you know who sent the first email or who uploaded the first-ever photo on the Internet? Ever wondered what was the first domain name ever registered?

The internet as we know it is a result of decades of innovations and inventions.

People send tens of thousands of emails every day but have you ever wondered who sent the first ever email and when? Countless photos (read: selfies) are uploaded to the internet on a daily basis but do you ever think about the first-ever image posted the web? Or when a webcam was first used for live-streaming?

It was renowned American programmer Ray Tomlinson who sent the world’s first electronic mail to himself in 1971. (He died on March 6 at age 74.)

While working on his project called the “World Wide Web,” computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee posted a picture featuring an all-female pop group called Les Horribles Cernettes on July 18, 1992. Quite obviously, it became the first photo ever to be uploaded to the World Wide Web.

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Scientists credited with the invention of the world’s first webcam live-streamed a coffee pot in 1991 at the University of Cambridge.

Coming toward more recent inventions, “Me at the zoo” was uploaded to YouTube on April 23, 2005, by the site’s co-founder Jawed Karim. Today, the popular Google-owned video streaming website has over 1 billion users.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sent out the first ever, rather poorly worded, tweet in 2006. The microblogging website recently celebrated its 10th anniversary on March 21.

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To find out more about the monumental firsts of the internet, watch the video above.

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