Is Your Brand New iPhone 7 Making A Hissing Noise? You Are Not Alone

A few people have complained about an annoying hissing noise coming from their new Apple smartphones.

iPhone 7 smartphone

If you’ve just bought a new iPhone 7 and it’s making an unexpected hissing sound, at least take solace in the fact that you're not the only one.

Users are complaining on social media about their new Apple smartphone when the processor is under heavy task loads.

Stephen Hackett, cofounder of podcast network Relay FM, was among the first one to report the mysterious noise on Twitter:


In response to Hackett’s tweet, Darrell Etherington, who is a TechCrunch writer as well as a former Apple employee, said his “brand new, just-unboxed [device is] doing the same thing right now.”


So far, no one knows what's causing the annoying sound. Apple hasn’t commented yet on the problem. Individual tech reporters have, however, provided some theories. For example, the Huffington Post’s Thomas Tamblyn guessed the hissing could be “a case of coil whine.”

“It’s a phenomenon which takes place when any piece of computer hardware is pushed to its limits,” wrote Tamblyn. “It’s a common issue that affects most modern computers and takes place when the silicon is working extremely hard, causing tiny vibrations which then translate into sounds.”

Engadget’s Jon Fingas offered the same speculation.

Meanwhile, Twitter users decided to have some fun with the hashtag #HissGate:


Harry Potter references were inevitable:

Harry Potter





Of course, comparisons to iPhone 7’s rival Samsung Note 7’s exploding batteries were also predictable:


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