Israeli High-Tech Company Unveils Tiny Killer Combat Robot

General Robotics in Tel Aviv has introduced a new line of portable terminator bots that are far more deadly than they appear.

Seemingly inspired by the fearless hunting dog trained to protect its owner, Israel’s General Robotics Ltd. has named its latest combat robots “Dogo.”

The 26.5-lb., remote-controlled killing machine can climb stairs, move past rubble and quietly maneuver indoors or underground for about four hours at a time. It is also equipped with a fully loaded 9mm Glock 26, eight 360-degree view cameras, night and day vision, and pepper spray that could temporarily blind an aggressor from a distance of 15 meters.

Dogo also features a two-way audio and encrypted communication to help in negotiation during a hostage situation.

The company developed the technology for counterterrorism measures with the help of the Israeli Ministry of Defense and counter-terrorism unit.

“A remote operator can perform tasks — he can click on the screen to target the threat and shoot,” said Shahar Gal, the creator of the machine. “The warriors of the future can be those who play Call Of Duty.”

The robot is set to debut at the Eurosatory 2016 – the world's largest international land and air defense and security exhibition.

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