Japanese Game Turns "The Ring" Horror Into Virtual Reality

In the demo video Sadako is seen dialing the phone, climbing out of the well and through the television, and then killing her victim.

After seeing Japanese horror movie "Sadako vs. Kayako," Twitter user Tatsunoru got his creative juices running and decided to make a Sadako VR prototype, starring, well, Sadako from the horror classic "The Ring."

The 2002 Hollywood movie was based on Japanese novels and films.

He took the premise of "The Ring," centered on a videotape that led the viewer to die a week after watching it, and turned it into virtual reality.

The gamers find themselves dropped into the bottom of the infamous well and have to crawl, brick by slimy brick, to a TV screen lodged in the wall of the watery prison. Before going through, the players must call the victim and then plunge through the TV screen and into the living room of the doomed person who dared watched the VHS.

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