New 'Smart' Toothbrush Lets You Take Dental Selfies

A new electric toothbrush from startup Onvi teams up with your smart phone to give you a live stream tour of your daily tooth brushing.

If you’re into the idea of taking detailed photos of your own teeth, a $400 toothbrush-camera hybrid from a Chicago-based dental startup just might be your new best friend.

Or, it could be the manifestation of your biggest nightmare, depending on your level of dental anxiety.

The Onvi Prophix “smart toothbrush” comes equipped with its own 10-megapixel camera embedded at the neck of the toothbrush, so you can take video and pictures of your teeth and gums while brushing and watch it on your smartphone.

The toothbrush functions with an IOS app that shows live footage of what’s going on inside your mouth as you perform the twice-daily chore.

The YouTube advertisement promises that the smart toothbrush will make it easier to care for your teeth.

We’re not so convinced it will make life easier since we already know how to brush our teeth, but we are sure it will give you creepy tooth dreams. Even the commercial might do the trick. 


Photo Credit: Facebook, Rebrandivity

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