A Robot With Emotions And Personality Is Not As Creepy As It Sounds

Technology has certainly made our lives easier, but could it soon also serve as a replacement for humans and human interaction?

As technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, a university in Singapore has created a robot that not only looks like its creator but also has emotions and a personality like her.

Nadine is a first of her kind social robot, created by Professor Nadia Thalmann – the director of the Institute for Media Innovation at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Not only does Nadine have a personality of her own, she can also communicate through real-time facial expressions and has the ability to express emotions. In fact, it is believed that this new technology could soon replace human workers at an office and various institutions.

This new generation of robots also have the ability to remember the last conversation they held and are programmed to return greetings as well as praise.

In the video above, Thalmann and the robot are seen conversing about an array of topics and even praising or being sarcastic with one another.

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“You are a beautiful and attractive social robot,” said Professor Thalmann, to which Nadine responded with, “Thank you. You look attractive too.”

The future of what our homes and workplace might look like seems very interesting since robots have already replaced human labor in manufacturing and logistics. They can also be used for more philanthropic purposes like as companions for people in old age homes, as a receptionist at a clinic.

Check out Nadine’s interaction with Thalmann in the video above!

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