Elon Musk Is Not Ruling Out An Attack On The Rocket That Exploded

SpaceX’s rocket exploded into space moments after a mysterious sound quivered in the atmosphere.

Billionaire SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is asking the people of the internet for help in finding answers on what he’s called the "most difficult and complex failure" the firm has ever experienced.

His space venture, SpaceX, launched one rocket after another successfully into space, leaving many awed by his successes. But since then, things have gone awry.

SpaceX’s rocket Falcon 9 exploded abruptly and inexplicably in what the CEO termed as the most complex failure in the 14 years the company has been in operation. As it erupted, it also blew up Facebook’s $200 million satellite.


The issue is, there seems to be no apparent reason for the fire that balled up and enveloped the rocket. The engines were off, and there was no known source of heat. A routine filling operation was going on when the explosion occurred.

However, mere seconds before the blast, a mysterious sound was heard.

Elon Musk has taken to Twitter, asking for "support and advice."

Conspiracy theorists have gleefully grabbed at the incident, and multiple explanations have been provided to account for the blast. Many believe the aliens did it, while others are sure a rival company sent a drone to blast the satellite into smithereens. But these theories might not be very far from the truth.

Musk did rule out one group, at least. He's pretty sure no aliens were involved.

He also requested people send in any videos or reports they may have of the incident.

SpaceX may have landed itself in a bit of a financial jeopardy after the blast.

The AMOS-6 satellite was aboard the Falcon 9 rocket, and was destroyed in the blast. The Israeli owners now want $50 million in compensation from SpaceX.

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