Teen's Dangerous Twitter Hack Forced People's Phones To Dial 911

An Arizona teen is facing felony charges after initiating a Twitter hack as a “joke” that disrupted emergency phone lines in at least three states.

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An Arizona teen found himself in a world of trouble after executing a cyber “joke” that spiraled out of control.

Meetkumar Hiteshbhai Desai, 18, blocked hundreds of emergency calls on multiple lines by telling his 12,000 Twitter followers to click on a link that forced their smartphones to automatically dial 911 on Tuesday night, The Huffington Post reports.

Making matters worse, the hack wouldn’t allow the callers to hang up once connected.

Several police departments throughout Arizona were affected, as well as departments in California and Texas.

The Twitter link was traced back to a web page registered under the name “Meet Desai.” From there, authorities identified Desai as being the mastermind behind the attack and they arrested him on Wednesday.

Desai told police that a friend provided him with a “bug” and suggested that he look into it and tweak it. He made some coding changes and then distributed the dangerous link on Twitter.

However, he claimed it was supposed to be totally harmless and just make people’s phones freeze. Apparently, the 911 component was included in the hack by mistake.

“Meet claims that his intention was to make a non-harmful, but annoying bug that he believed was ‘funny,’” the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office reportedly said in a statement.  

Unfortunately for Desai, his joke resulted in some very serious consequences that landed him behind bars, facing charges of three felony counts of computer tampering. 

Banner Photo Credit: Flickr, hackNY.org

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