Dash Cam Video Shows Tesla Predicting Crash Moments Before It Happens

The Forward Collision Warning starts beeping and then the emergency braking system automatically activates. Seconds later, the accident occurs.



Incredible dash cam footage from a Tesla car owner shows the car's autopilot function predicting a collision before it even occurred.

In the clip, uploaded to Twitter by user Hans Noordsij, from the Netherlands, a group of cars can be seen traveling down the A2 highway, one of the busiest in the country.

You can hear the autopilot system’s Forward Collision Warning beeping, suddenly. At the same time the emergency braking system activates and seconds later the vehicle in front of the Tesla rear ends and collides with an SUV, which flips over.

“One of the main features enabled by the new radar processing capacity is the ability for the system to see ahead of the car in front of you and basically track two cars ahead on the road,” noted Electrek.co. “The radar is able to bounce underneath or around the vehicle in front of the Tesla Model S or X and see where the driver potentially cannot because the leading vehicle is obstructing the view.”

No injuries were reported.

The video is pretty incredible, more so for Tesla Motors, which was hit by reports of at least two crash fatalities this year, so far, involving its Model S cars. Co-founder Elon Musk also retweeted Noordsij’s video.

In November, an accident took place recently on Germany’s Autobahn where another Model S, reportedly traveling at a “tremendous speed” hit a semi truck trailer.

Fortunately, in the Germany incident, nobody got hurt.

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