Driver Survives After Tesla Crashes Into Truck, Lifts It Off The Road

Elon Musk tweeted the story about the crash and he rather morbidly appeared impressed by the fact that the driver was alive.

Tesla Crashes Into Truck

Tesla Motors was hit by reports of at least two crash fatalities this year, so far, involving its Model S cars.

Another accident took place recently on Germany’s Autobahn where another Model S, reportedly traveling at a “tremendous speed” hit a semi truck trailer. reports the crash was so intense that the Model S was lodged under the truck, lifting it off the ground.

Fortunately — and miraculously — the driver survived the crash and even managed to walk himself to a safe spot nearby. He suffered minor injuries.

It’s not yet confirmed if the Model S’ autopilot feature was enabled when the car sped toward the truck.

The driver is indeed lucky to be alive also because the battery pack of the Model S was intact after the crash. “Had it caught fire, the whole car would have burnt down in minutes,” added.

Tesla Motors co-founder tweeted the news of the crash with the caption, “Model S smashes into semi truck trailer and lifts it off the ground. Driver walks away.”


To a lot of people, Musk appeared, rather morbidly impressed by the fact that the driver was lucky to be alive:


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